Traveling To Paris France With Your Favorite Fashion Models

Above: Traveling To Paris France.

Compliment the French on the way they look, on the food they make, on the way they look, on the glass of wine you’re drinking, and on the way they look. Otherwise they will ***** at you. They love to hear wonderful things about their beautiful country.

When in France, I wish I’d known French. The French typically do not like speaking English – even if they can speak English. Respect this and learn some basic French before traveling to Paris France. In short, the best way to enjoy France is to keep your eyes on its cultural wonders, a croissant in one hand, and your wallet in your other hand while always traveling in style.

Above: Making French Food On A Yacht | Karlie Kloss.

This video is SO summer to Karlie Kloss. Finding a local French chef, getting ingredients while eating your way through the local French market, and preparing your French food on a big boat with friends? So much fun!